Since I've been out of normal rotation, I dropped the squat and press weight down a bit. The workout took just over an hour today.


Points to consider

  • Sometimes I don't set the bar well on my back and I can feel it sliding down thru the reps. Try to be more consistent about not setting up with it too low.

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • When pushing the bar up, it feels better to almost allow it to come back towards my face rather than trying to imagine that I'm pushing it straight. I don't think it actually travels backwards despite what the mind is telling me.
  • Moved faster on set 4 and that felt a lot better. I think I also did better at moving the bar in a straight path when compared to the first set although it's hard to recognized in the videos


Points to consider

  • Tried to get glutes and hamstrings more involved. Felt OK.
  • Did not feel too much stress on my lower back