Points to consider

  • Tried to stand up straight at the top and then move my hips back for the start of the downward motion to give my back more of a break in between reps. Felt good
  • Try to be more fluid about moving hips forward and standing up straight at the top

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • No videos :\ I would have liked a vide
  • Grip didn't feel quite right. Review suggested grip style
  • Made an effort to lean back more, but keep abs tight at the start. I may be getting the hang of that motion
  • Completed reps. 1st set: 3reps, 2nd: 3, 3rd: 2, 4th: 2, 5th: 2


Points to consider

  • No vid. 1x5 @ 155 felt fine and not overloading on my lower back