Points to consider

  • On my last set, I was standing too narrowly and didn't have my toes pointed out enough. I couldn't flare out my knees easily and my balance wasn't as good.
  • Think more about increasing the pace of the movement, but make sure the same level of control is maintained.

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • Try really hard to shrug more at the top
  • Record from a angle that allows me to see torso movement more easily, but not totally from the side
  • Aim to take less time between reps
  • Try to make torso angle such that my head/neck doesn't need to move back at all when I press up. Just push up and then pivot the torso forward. One less movement required.


Points to consider

  • Try to execute the move a little faster
  • Attempt to return the bar to the ground in such a way that I'm closer to ready to start the next rep more quickly
  • I was being stalked by Powder.