Points to consider

  • My first rep often feels a bit 'off' but since the past couple of sessions, I've been able to notice that feeling and correct on the next rep. Making changes to feedback that quickly seems new.
  • I still don't look like how I thought I should according to some Rippetoe and StrongLift vids, but this feels more sustainable for my back. And upon more review, I think I still have a decent amount of back angle at the bottom.
  • Should I consider not going so low? I think that I'm going a decent bit past parallel. No pain, so I think it's OK.

Bench press

As compared to the previously captured safety pin height pics

Points to consider

  • I think the asymmetry is getting lessened.
  • Try to get an angled shot so I can better see the positioning of my elbows and forearms.
  • Had some wrist discomfort. Try adjusting grip so bar is lower in palm and concentrate on not bending wrists throughout the movement.


Points to consider

  • I want to see if the angle between my shoulder and elbow is good. Get a camera angle more in front rather than from the side.
  • Until the weight becomes hard for me, I'm not sure if I feel/observe much that needs to be tweaked.