Points to consider

  • 3x5 @ 235lb with 5,7 min rests
  • Form in the hole didn't feel great. Felt a bit jittery on the 1st set, 2nd set was better but the 3rd set felt mixed as well.
  • Next time, instead of going from 205 to the work set, I'll do 1 more warmup at 225lb.

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • 3x5 @ 90lb with 2, 3 min rests
  • Not too hard and I was able to feel pretty well coordinated in my movements.


Points to consider

  • 1x5 @ 295lb
  • when using the hook grip, the skin between my thumb and palm was a bit raw afterwards
  • First time deadlifting with a belt. Didn't feel intrusive and mostly I'm not sure if I noticed it.
  • Bar speed was pretty good