• Continue to pay attention to the back angle
    • Push back the hips more but make sure the bar stays on a straight path
    • Keep eyes focused just in front of feet
    • nipples at the floor
    • Don't push up hips faster than torso rises. keep back tight and let it rise at the same time
  • Lower the 5x5 weight a bit to more easily focus on form change
  • Try to get a better side view angle
  • Video of just bar warmup to see if there is a form difference

Points to consider

  • Since my lower back was a little sore, I dropped the weight down from the scheduled 145 to 120 in an effort not to aggrivate it as much by squatting closer to my limit. Seems OK as now, 1 day after, I don't feel any increase in soreness and my lower back seems to be on the road to full recovery shortly.
  • Some reps produce the back angle that I'm looking for, but it's inconsistent. In the 45lb video, the back angle looks good to me (although the bar may have been a bit too high). The 1st and 3rd rep in the 95lb video looked OK, though the 2nd wasn't a horizontal enough angle.
  • Even when I get the back angle at the bottom better, coming up I still have a tendancy to raise the chest too fast rather than raising with the hips and allowing the chest to follow but without the lower back losing tension and rounding or over-arching.


Points to consider

  • I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing :( Bad timing and a general lack of confidence.
  • Get a side view to inspect the path of the bar and get a better view of what I'm doing with my upper torso.
  • More practice required and I'll probably go back to 60lb for a workout to apply stress but not so much that I have a hard time concentrating on form.
  • Push out chest more and try to get bar to rest on anterior deltoids? Elbows should be more forward too?
  • Concentrate on pushing with the bar as close to my nose as possible


Points to consider

  • Didn't feel very difficult.
  • Flex abs harder at start to maintain the neutral lower back position?
  • Push out/up chest more at the top, but not so much that the back arches unnaturally