Free weights and sprints


Just free weight training and tabata style sprints today


The good

  • I felt balanced over my feet and able to push mostly thru my heels
  • I'm not lingering at the bottom for as much time

The bad

  • The weight is lopsided and not evenly held across my back
  • My left wrist hurt a bit. Due to weight not being centered, wrist position and barbell being too low?
  • The uprights were a bit too high. I had to almost lift my feet off of the floor to remove the barbell
  • Don't need to look left or right when setting the bar back in the uprights

Later in the day, tabata interval sprints. After a short warmup jog and some stretching, I ran sprints in a mostly empty grassy fairway near my house. I was a little self-conscience since there were other people walking dogs and generally not running at full speed and then barely keeping themselves standing while gasping for breath. Regardless, I ran my sprints; my lungs burned, legs grew weak and I had to not think about how many reps remained. And then, just like the previous sprint workouts, it was over mercifully fast. It's a long 4 minutes, but in the end it's really just 4 minutes. And then about 15 minutes later, I actually start to feel recovered.