Free weights


I'm still moving slowly as I attempt to become familiar with the exercises. As I become more comfortable and fluid, I will attempt to ramp up the speed.


The good

  • wrists didn't get overloaded and hurt
  • I think the uprights were at a good height
  • similarly, I think the safety pins were at a safe height

Questions and areas for improvement

  • From the side view, I see that my knees should be farther back and closer to being over my toes at the bottom. As it is, my hips aren't back far enough and I'm putting extra stree on my knees.
  • My upper torso stays way more upright than I see in the StrongLifts video

    If I push my hips farther back and keep the weight over mid foot, my torso move into the appropriate angle at the bottom of the rep?

Bench Press

Only my second time doing the exercise. More questions and concerns will develop with time.

The good

  • I remembered to try to move the bar diagonally. Above shoulders at top, to solar plexis at bottom.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • In the side view vid, you can hear the barbell hit one of the safeties. Are they too low? should be raising my chest more? am I unevenly lowering the bar?
  • 2.5lb on each side looks silly!

Barbell Rows

The good

  • Sometimes remembered and was able to pull up and concentrate on alignment of elbows

Questions and areas for improvement

  • Back should be more parallel with the floor though I think I did better in the side view video which was a later rep.