Points to consider

  • Keep mid foot balance in mind throughout the movement. Sometimes I start to bobble too far forward or back.
  • Continue to flare knees inline with angled feet and slightly increase the pace of the motion

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • Still working on leaning back and not moving my head on the positive motion
  • Both failed reps go just above my head before I can't push more. Perhaps if I start to get under the bar there I could get more leverage OR get crushed.


Points to consider

  • Again, lower back was feeling too much tension. No acute pain afterwards, but 'tight' enough to make me worry a bit
  • Lower the bar in a controlled manner but quicker
  • Can't tell from the video if my shoulders are in front of the bar as I was aiming for them to be
  • I have read: "Don't pull, push!" Interesting and not how I have been treating the lift
  • Keep chest lifted (with a neutral neck) to promote good lower back position