Points to consider

  • 1:30 rests are becoming too short. I probably waited more like 2/3 min between and still the last set was tough.
  • Is the lower back movement at the bottom (butt wink?) something to be concerned with? I didn't feel any lower back pain.

Bench press

Points to consider

  • Starting to feel tough! I really have to push hard by the end.
  • I think I can get multiple reps off one breath. Try that next time.
  • Bar balance/symmetry is getting better. I still have some bad reps, but I also have decent ones!

Barbell row

Points to consider

  • When near the top, my hips and abs are less confined and I can feel them contract more to finish getting the bar to my chest. Interesting.
  • Hips raise a little at the start and then come down as the bar approaches my chest. Is that how it looks in more experieced lifters? As this is meant to tax the upper back, it seems best to minimize hips taking excess weight.
  • Concentrate on trying to keep hips more fixed next time and find how that feels. Control by flexing glutes?