In Las Vegas so I decided to check out the desert breeze community center. A day pass was $4 and the weight room wasn't worth any more than that.

On a separate note, being in Vegas and out of my home schedule has meant less intense workouts (not really workouts, but more assorted outings/exercise) and no full rest days. 7-7-2016 will be a full rest day.

Squats 5x5 @ 115lb

Points to consider

  • All that was available was a smith machine. I used it, but since it's so different I saw no point in making a vid
  • Back felt fine during moves, but the balance felt much different when using the machine

Bench press 5x5 @ 95lb

Points to consider

  • Listening to a handful of different TV stations at the same time is a bit distracting
  • Still seeing the bar go up asymmetrically
  • I want to be more consistent about where the bar touches my chest
  • The weight doesn't feel very difficult yet, but I am starting to have to try a bit.

Row 5x5 @ 110lb

Points to consider

  • Feels a bit scrunched at times, especially when I try to clench my abs/glutes.
  • Helps to really concentrate on the 'explosive' pull or I may not bring the bar to touch my chest.