Felt a little stomach sickness this morning, but still did the workout. Felt OK, but definitely not great.

Squats 5x5 @ 110lb

Points to consider

  • The safety pins were already setup and low enough to be out of my way so I just left them alone as I assumed that I'd have no trouble squatting this weight. Should I just get in the habit of always setting them up?
  • Not feeling lower back pain, but there is some stiffness. I continue to stretch.

Overhead press 5x5 @ 65lb

Points to consider

  • Dropped weight back to 65lb in an effort to focus on form and be careful to my neck. Very little to no pain/stiffness today and none, even now, 2h after the workout.
  • When bringing the bar back down, it's way out in front of my face and a little too uncontrolled.
  • Gripping the bar a bit wider now: about 2" in from the end of the knurling.
  • Getting the bar really on the heel of my palm and keeping my palm flatter seemed to really help. Did not get a vid, but my 5th set felt the best.
  • Concentrating on keeping glutes and abs really tight seemed to help add stability.

Deadlift 5x5 @ 150lb

Points to consider

  • Now starting to notice the weight
  • Try to stay tighter on the way down too?