squat, press, deadlift



The good

  • Pushing out my chest and pulling my shoulders together is creating a muscular platform for the bar.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • Hips were moving forward at the top of almost each rep. I think the upward motion was straight, but then I would move forward upon reaching the top. That's ok?
  • OK to not be standing up straight at the top? I continue to lean forward in an attempt to keep the bar over mid-foot.
  • hips farther back and torso more horizontal at bottom?
  • Increase the speed of the motion?

Overhead press

The good

  • Starting to get more of a feel for pushing out my chest and creating a platform for the bar on my shoulders.
  • Grip starting to feel ok and grip width of just outside of shoulder width seems appropriate for maintaining alignment between wrist, forearm and elbow.
  • Both a front and side view were helpful for review.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • More attention required to keep the path of the bar straight and vertical.
  • The lock out at the top should be directly over my shoulders, not behind.
  • Try really exagerating the shrug next time and see how it looks/feels.


The good

  • hip position at bottom and resulting back angle looks ok.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • Should I be sliding the bar down my thighs when lowering? Move hips first and then bend knees once the bar reaches my knees.
  • Need to set camera back farther so I can see up to my head. Also, try to be directly on the side and not at a distorting angle.
  • Keep the bar closer to my body. I'm not quite dragging it up my legs yet.