squat, press, deadlift


After a day of mostly rest and a decent night's sleep, my body felt recovered and ready for another workout.


The good

  • Continuing to feel more comfortable
  • Pulling back more with elbows encourages the traps and deltoids to create a better platform for the bar and sets up wrists be mostly unloaded. Felt like a stretching my chest and good on my wrists.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • More helpful to watch from a side view
  • Should I stand straight when I get to the top?

Overhead press

The good

  • Wrists felt ok

Questions and areas for improvement

  • Need to "shrug" more at the top of the motion?
  • Use a more narrow grip to keep wrist, forearm and elbow inline?
  • Bring the bar back down more effeciently: not too fast, but not so slow.


Questions and areas for improvement

  • The back view isn't helpful. Use side view recordings
  • Want to make sure spine stay tight and straight and the coordination between bending knees and pivoting torso are safe. Need a side view to review that.