Limit bouldering and bodyweight circuit


Bouldered for a bit less than 2 hours with a focus on powerful moves. Next time I'll try to get some video to review.

Since I combined limit bouldering and a bodyweight circuit on 5-7-16 I decided to do that again and see how I feel afterwards. Actually rested 4min between sets 2 and 3 with the goal being to improve recovery and maintain rep count.

Pull-upsPlanksDipsSquatsChin-upsJumping jacksPush-ups
Rest for 60 seconds
Rest for 60 seconds

Update on 5-20-16

Slept poorly the night of 5-19-16 and felt very tired and sore on 5-20-16. I assume the culprit was the combination of poor sleep and the bodyweight circuit that I pushed to failure on almost every exercise in the 3rd set.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • If combining bouldering and bodyweight circuits in one day, take a longer rest and eat food in between the activities.
  • Reduce the rep count on the bodyweight circuits to prevent failure to complete exercises.
  • My shoulders felt especially sore the next day: be careful and double check form of shoulder intense exercises. On 5-21-16, my shoulders felt much better so it may have been mostly muscle soreness.