Points to consider

  • 3x5 @ 215lb with 5 min rests
  • Still working on staying tight in the hole and not going too low
  • Form on 185lb squat shows more of what I see on Rippetoe "hip drive" videos. Is this a good thing? We'll see...
  • Sets after the first felt better even though there were people chatting right behind me. iit was a good test of ignoring them, focusing on the movement and not allowing the presence of others to change my form because I become self-conscious.

Bench press

Points to consider

  • 3x5 @ 140lb with 5 min rests
  • Successful reps: 4, 3, 3
  • Felt awful; that was surprising

Power clean

Points to consider

  • 5x3 @ 85lb with 2 min rests
  • Only did 2 sets as I ran out of time
  • In the 2nd set, I tried to lower the bar onto my thighs from the rack position rather than trying to slow it just with arms/back. Is that right?