Felt tired from the previous day's climbing session, but decided to see how the workout would go anyways. The squats all felt hard; I never felt like my balance was great and the bar felt very heavy on my back.


Points to consider

  • 175lb for 5x5 with 4min rests
  • Balance wasn't good today. A tired back contributed to this? Hips weren't going back far enough?
  • On the less well balanced reps, I could feel extra pressure in the groin/adductor
  • It looks like I wasn't keeping the bar level. it appears to be lower on the left. hmm

Bench press

Points to consider

  • 5x5 @ 135lb with 5min rests
  • Successful reps: 5, 5, 3, 3, 4
  • Finally starting to get lower body more involved. Getting glutes and legs tight before unracking and bringing my feet back a bit more to allow more arch in back.

Barbell row

Points to consider

  • 5x5 @ 125lb with 2 (mostly) min rests
  • Felt pretty easy
  • Time crunch didn't permit doing high volume with 5min rests or heavy lift with 5 min rests so I just kept it easy :\