In light of having sore quads last time after jumping back into heavy squats after more than a couple of days off, I made the squats less heavy this time. Will need to figure out how to schedule workouts to fascilitate progression. This was also a deload on the bench press: felt very manageable.


Points to consider

  • Still playing around with not having my elbows not so far back but more under the bar. Not sure if I've made any significant change yet

Bench press

Points to consider

  • May be the camera angle, but make sure the forearm is straight and inline with wrist. From the vid, it appears a narrower grip may be required to acheive that.
  • Experimented more with multiple reps in one breadth. Did 3, took another breadth and then the final 2. Felt good.

Barbell row

Points to consider

  • Somehow I feel an increased to flex my abs and glutes before the start of the reps now.
  • Big breadths are definitely important before each rep.
  • I don't want to weight to crash down, but I also don't want to hold on as much as seen in the vid and have my shoulders/back pulled down as much. A legit concern?