Started workout around 7:45am. Mostly quiet in the gym, but certainly not empty. No competition for the rack.


Points to consider

  • Too crowded for the time being. No squat vid. 175lb with mostly 4min rests. Sometimes started to feel light headed near the last rep and had to pause for a couple of breaths before getting the last rep done.
  • Balance was a bit off today. I had trouble keeping the weight centered on my feet and was shifting towards the ball of my feet on multiple reps.
  • Some part of my left knee isn't feeling great afterwards. Not terrible, but not great. Am I sometimes collapsing to the left? Or right? Something?
  • Used a belt. I felt my abs press against it, but didn't really notice much of a boost.

Bench press

Points to consider

  • Not too hard. took 3min rests and never had to struggle for a rep
  • Still working on consistency of bar path.
  • Using more of a bulldog grip felt good. Not seen in vid :\
  • Can pretty easily do one set with two breaths: breath, 3 reps, breath, 2 reps

Barbell row

Points to consider

  • Felt good. 3min rests were enough
  • Still getting used to lowering the bar quickly but not wildly and not expending too much energy trying to control the descent