Eat food that makes my life better.


  1. Feels good!
  2. Consistent energy
  3. Stable to outside opinions
  4. Cost effective
  5. Quick prep and easy variety
  6. Don't be too rigid
  7. Maintain weight

Considering these goals, here's my thought process

Sugar is important to limit
I hear this a lot. is it true? If so, why would we like the taste of sugar so much? seems like the body wants us to eat more.
Natural fats are good
Don't be afraid to call it a diet
Diet defines how and what i eat. It's a diet. Don't create confusion by being afraid of using the word diet or being cognizant of what I use to fuel my future.

Common foods in diet

Occassional though I aim for less frequency


Sparkling water
Sometimes with lemon/lime flavor. avoid artificial sweeteners (why? confirmed they are bad?)
2 to 3 cups a day; usually black but sometimes with half and half. God I hope coffee doesn't turn into something I need to give up. Uh oh, seed planted..
Peppermint, chamomile at end of day. calming.

Tough foods to avoid

I like sweets and crunchy foods so it can feel tough to avoid cookies and chips. Every so often (once every 2/3 weeks), allow one meal when I can eat them and don't worry about turning it into a frequent and thus counter-productive habit. Less sugary deserts can also be enjoyed, but recognize not to use them as a method of over-eating: banana fried in coconut oil with some peanut butter and yogurt on top some fruits in yogurt or mixed with some nuts peppermint tea can also taste like a desert


I used to drink it, but over time I've moved almost completely away from it. The effects can be fun, but the penalties on my body and mind convinced me that it's just not worth it. I want my body to feel consistently strong and avoid tempting depression. With those goals, not consuming alcohol is the obvious choice.


In small doses and not too frequently, I don't notice negative effects on my mind/body. Social and professional impacts are important to recognize. I consider it to be a vice so if partaking then address the pros and cons: the mental effects it produces, the potential social stigma and if I feel guilty or ashamed for consuming then i should stop using it and re-examine my choices. One experience I had was a perspective change towards worrying about the future, feelings of failure and an inability to believe making positive changes in my future. After almost 1.5 years after leaving my previous job, I was finally able to overcome a strong bout of depression with a combination of travel, exercise, study and increased interactions with others. Some pot was used towards the end of that time and produced some interesting perspectives and questions.

Open questions

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