Points to consider

  • Safety bars were left from previous person; I should have changed them to be properly setup for me.
  • I go much slower than, for example, the videos on stronglifts. Should I speed up the motion?
  • Should I be pushing my hips farther back and having my torso become more horizontal?
  • Was playing with wrist position. Keep this video in mind


The good

  • Tried hard, but maybe too hard.

Questions and areas for improvement

  • Feel a little bit of neck pain after finished. Not too bad, but it seems like a warning. What about how I pressed may have contributed?
    • Weight is just too heavy right now.
    • Get a side view next time for comparison and to have a diff angle from which to observe body (and specifically head/neck) movement.
  • I'm trying to get the timing of pushing up to use the force of the hip thrust rebound, but I don't think I'm getting it yet.
  • Try to keep my elbows/forearm straight and not flaring on the positive motion.


The good

  • Continue to drag the bar up/down

Questions and areas for improvement

  • Should push thru with hips more agressively at the top?
  • Where to keep eyes focused during the lift?

Update on 6-8-16

Did two 45 minute sets of continuous climbing on an auto belay later in the evening after the free weight workout. Previously I had tried a limit bouldering session after weights and found it unproductive due to being too tired while bouldering, so I wondered if a more endurance based activity would make for a better match. I woke up very tired, but not sore, the following morning. It may mostly related to poor sleep quality, but I think combining the free weights with limit bouldering or ARC training is just too much for one day; even if the next day is a planned rest day.