Squats 5x5 @ 100lb

Points to consider

  • Was a bit crowded so I only took one video from the first set
  • Did not feel any increase in pain during the sets!
  • Practicing the bottom position without a barbell, as described in the starting strength book, helped me to feel more confident when squatting with the bar regarding what the bottom position should feel like.

Overhead Press 5x5 @ 70lb

Points to consider

  • Need to be more careful about not over arching my lower back and neck with pressing the final rep or two. My neck was a little sore afterwards.
    • Edit: Base of neck was sore/stiff for 2 days afterwards
  • I tried to keep the bar in a vertical path up, but I think that needs more work
  • Took a wider grip in an effort to be able to rest the bar (almost) on my anterior delts at the bottom.
  • A few times, I really tried to make sure my elbows were pushed forward and in front of the bar. It's not the easiest position to get into.
  • Get a video from an angled front position next time so see how/if elbows flare during the concentric part.

Deadlift 1x5 @ 135lb

Points to consider

  • The movement feels pretty easy so it's hard to focus on what to change. I assume that will become clear as the weight becomes sufficiently heavy.