No vids. Woke up feeling a bit groggy but still shuffled into the gym. Still working to get back in the groove of working out and feeling momentum.


Points to consider

  • 3x5+ @ 195lb with 3 min rests; 4 min rest before amrap
  • Left knee doesn't really hurt but has felt a little different than the right for the last few days. Due to new bike? Something else? Trying to keep tabs on it. Felt OK during today's squats
  • successful reps: 5, 5, 9

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • 3x6+ @ 90lb with 3 min rests, 5 before amrap
  • successful reps: 6, 6, 7
  • Felt hard but pretty decent overall. Next time 5x6+


Points to consider

  • 1x5 @ 275lb; Only got 4 and felt like crap :(
  • Couldn't seem to generate the excitement and focus required. Also, make sure to bring chalk!