Squat and deadlift



One of my first times trying the squat

The good

  • too early to tell.. I tried!

Questions and areas for improvement

  • The bar was wobbling a bit on my back. How to prevent?
  • Make sure not to put the bar on my spine!
  • Leaning too far forward? knees appear to be too far in front of toes


The good

  • Put shoulders farther forward which resulted in my back being at an angle closer to that as seen from stronglifts

Questions and areas for improvement

  • 95lb felt much different than 65lb. I can more easily feel the pressure applied to be body
  • Don't stand so wide. Shoulder width apart unlike a squat
  • Don't look forward so much. Just a few feet ahead to keep neck aligned
  • Still feel unsure about how to coordinate movements when lowering