Nice to move again after 2/3 days of driving. Felt a bit light headed during some sets, but I still felt a decent amount of strength


Points to consider

  • 170lb for 5x5 with 3/4 minute rests
  • Keeping upper back tight with elbows down and in throughout the movement can be a challenge

Overhead press

Points to consider

  • 5x5 @ 90lb with 5 min rests
  • successful reps: 5, 5, 5, 5, 4; started to shake too much on the concentric part of the last rep and didn't want to strain my neck/upper traps again
  • Weird looking into the mirror
  • Would like to lower the bar more quickly and efficiently


Points to consider

  • 1x5 @ 205lb
  • First couple of reps weren't great, but I think form was better for the last 3
  • Make sure glutes and hamstrings are engaged before pull. Hips rose a bit early until the 3rd rep, but then I slightly changed my setup and it looks better.