Back from being sick for 4 or 5 days. The beginning of the sickness may have contributed to my poor performance of my previous session. Reduced weight to ease back in to the routine and hopefully not feel too sore the next day.

(12-16-16 edit) Definitely felt a bit sore for the following 2 days in quads and shoulders. Not too uncomfortable, but noticeable.


Points to consider

  • 155lb for 5x5 with 3/4 minute rests
  • On a couple of sets, the bar would start to move down my back. Am I losing upper back tightness?
  • The reps/form still don't feel as fluid as I'd like. One possibility is that I started to maintain a more vertical back position at some point and it's too high. When I allow my torso to lean a little bit more, the rep feels more balanced.

Bench press

Points to consider

  • 5x5 @ 115lb with 3 min rests
  • All reps felt well within my ability
  • Still focusing on keeping my whole body tight throughout the set. Don't forget about legs and glutes!
  • keeping elbows from flaring on the negative movement and trying to have the elbows just in front of the bar feels good
  • I often get 2 reps, sometimes 3, for each breath, but I think that I can be even more effecient there

Barbell row

Points to consider

  • 5x5 @ 135lb with 3 minute rests
  • Felt pretty easy